Learning Sansar Special Package
Rs. 2000 Buy Course

Learning Sansar ‘A New Friend For Your Betterment’ is the first digital tutorial platform in Nepal from where you can speed up your learning progress getting different courses in a very reasonable prices and earn more and more money by sharing the education and build a life you deserve.

With the aim of producing skilled youth and to make them financially independent, this organization has been launched whose official location is in Pokhara 17, Nepal. Well educated skilled people involved in different profession like engineering, business administration, medical personnel has build this platform. To achieve the goal of digital Nepal, digital education system is also equally important which produces efficient manpower with technical skill. So Learning Sansar provide some of its effort to achieve the government plan and goal of Digital Nepal by providing various courses like Share Market, Graphics Designing, Video Editing and Social Media Marketing in a reasonable price that produce efficient manpower which carries this nation in the road of a digital revolution. In this era of technology, it is mandatory to have a basic knowledge on that so we have designed those courses which already makes an impact on people around the world. Learning Sansar Private Limited is legal in Nepal as it is incorporated on the 4th of January, 2021 persuant to sub-section 910 of section 5 of the Companies Act, 2006.

Learning Sansar is a digital platform with multiple purpose (Learn and Earn) where the individual can learn getting the whole courses in a very reasonable price i.e, only NRS.2000 and earn 60%of total cost i.e, NRS.1200 by direct referral. Out of total price 20% ( NRS.400) is for accumulation fund and remaining 20% (NRS.400) is for company operating cost. The best thing in this platform is individual can get direct guidance from tutor. Has reward system also, where the individual can get extra money NRS 1500 as a reward from accumulation fund after completion of each 5 referral. Any gender, student, youth, adult can join Learning Sansar by simply going to the website ‘’ and following the registration process where the individual can use esewa digital wallet for purchasing our courses and withdrawing of their earned money.

Learning Sansar perform social work also as there are a lot of children in rural areas of Nepal who cannot afford for their basic education, food, shelter. For them company will provide some percentage of its profit in technical education, distribution of food, shelter, computer etc according to their need where main priority goes to education.